Experimental observation on the nonlinear effect of Lamb wave in composite solid plate

Experimental observation on the nonlinear effect of Lamb wave in composite solid plate
Deng Mingxi
(Chongqing Logistic Engineering College, Chongqing 400016)
Experimental observation of nonlinear effects of Lamb waves
propagating in layered solid plates
DENG Ming-xi
(Logistics Engineering University, Chongqing 400016, China)
1 Introduction
Lamb wave is widely used as an effective method in the nondestructive testing of composite solid plates [1]. At present, the use of nonlinear effects of Lamb waves in the characterization of the bonding layer properties of composite plates has achieved encouraging results [2]. In view of the wide application range of composite solid plates, it is of great practical significance to study the nonlinear Lamb wave characterization method of its properties. One of the most important and basic work, first of all, it should be experimentally verified that the Lamb wave with dispersion characteristics propagating in the composite solid plate does have strong nonlinear effects under certain conditions. So far, there has been no public literature report on the experimental observation of Lamb wave nonlinear effects in composite solid plates [3].

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