Five important eras in the development history of "a little blackboard"

China Education Equipment Procurement News: There are only two ways for people to communicate, one is oral communication, and the other is written communication. And a tool called "Blackboard" has always influenced and changed the way we communicate as we grew up.

Before the invention of writing, it was discovered that charcoal can be used for painting, and some ancient murals can be found in some ancient caves in Europe. The rock walls on which these murals are painted can be called blackboards in the traditional sense. However, with the development of the times, the term "blackboard" is also constantly enriching and perfecting her own connotation, and constantly strengthening and enhancing her own functions. Through careful study of the industry and in-depth brewing of the overall situation, our China Blackboard Wholesale Network summarizes and summarizes five important eras in the history of blackboard development and evolution:

The first generation is a writing blackboard: it is made of the most common materials in production and life, mainly using ordinary pens to write text on the surface, such as wooden blackboards, cement blackboards, glass blackboards and metal blackboards.

The second generation is a dust-free blackboard: In order to meet the requirements of professional writing and safety and environmental protection, special writing panel materials have gradually been produced, which can write well and wipe without dust pollution, such as ordinary whiteboards, professional writing-grade whiteboards, and flannel notices. Board, form drawing board and environmental protection writing film etc.

The third generation is an audio-visual blackboard: With the development of modern science and technology, especially the emergence of projection imaging products, the blackboard has also evolved from simple writing to the function of displaying pictures, and can integrate supporting products such as audio microphones. The combination of text and emotion has become a qualitative leap in the history of blackboard development, such as the common matte projection whiteboards, electric projection whiteboards, projection screens, copy-type electronic whiteboards, electronic display screens, and fluorescent blackboards.

The fourth generation is an interactive blackboard: a blackboard with a combination of graphics and text is often passively displayed to the audience according to the pre-set graphics and text, which just loses the advantages of free writing and presentation that the blackboard should have. Until the continuous application and widespread popularity of computer technology in recent years, people have finally invented an epoch-making revolutionary product-interactive electronic whiteboard, which realizes the interconnection and interconnection of blackboard and computer, so that the vast Internet can be displayed infinitely in Between the square inches of the blackboard, let us randomly draw pictures and enjoy the world, such as pressure-sensitive electronic whiteboards, ultrasonic electronic whiteboards, electromagnetic electronic whiteboards, infrared electronic whiteboards, and laser electronic whiteboards.

The fifth generation is the imaging blackboard: this generation of products mainly focuses on the interactive electronic whiteboard needs a variety of peripheral hardware to support the use, the imaging imaging technology and Internet technology are all concentrated on the blackboard itself, from then on Unlimited fun, can provide the most direct and simple writing services for people to communicate, and can also provide the most efficient and richest image services, such as TV blackboards, computer blackboards, mobile blackboards, and electronic papers. Books, digital signage, etc.

Are you a bit surprised when you read this? You might even want to sigh that a small blackboard has so many splendid history that no one knows. A small blackboard actually plays an irreplaceable role for human communication!

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