Home improvement market "wheel type" promotion

From March to June, the home building materials alliance merchants frequently launched large-scale promotional activities, and various group purchases, profit-making, and "blood-blooding policies" took turns. Mr. Zhang, the decoration owner who has participated in dozens of promotional activities, said: "If you want to take advantage of the timing of the promotion, look at the market to find discounts, and you can get a relatively affordable price in the event."
The home improvement season is coming, but there are still many owners who choose this time to renovate, because they hope to get low prices through the promotion activities of the merchants in the off-season.
Ms. Wang, who just attended the anniversary of the Red Star Macalline, said: “Compared to the alliance activities, I participated in the big promotion of the store and felt that it was more worry-free and effortless. The anniversary celebration of Red Star Macalline really brought the owners Convenience, the preferential policies offered by the store and the large sales promotion of the merchants saved me a lot of money and time."
Merchants: In the off-season, we will launch a series of promotions <br> Entering July and August, the “wheel-type” activities in the home improvement market will be slightly diluted, but the merchants will strive for the off-season. The person in charge of the furniture of the company said: "In response to the off-season of sales, the company will also focus on the careful planning and promotion activities, and it is expected that a series of activities will be launched in August."
In addition, Nature Home and Tencent.com will hold the first Asia-Pacific Tanabata Home Improvement Festival in due course. The person in charge of the natural wood floor said: "The choice of the Tanabata node is just to make up for the cold effect of the traditional off-season. The activity is very strong, and the new owners of the Tanabata Nets will decorate the loved ones together."
The Herald reporter learned that the Luzhou Five Star Alliance will also launch a one-stop shopping event for alliance merchants in August.
Market: September will usher in the peak season of home improvement <br> Industry insiders say "the profit in the peak season, take the off-season", which is the core idea of ​​off-season marketing. “Benefit” is to win the biggest sales, and “take the momentum” is to acquire the commanding heights and strive for long-term strategic advantages.
The primary goal of furniture off-season marketing is to achieve a balance between cost and profit during the off-season. Therefore, while doing a good job of promotion activities, the furniture market should also do a good job of product management adjustment, corporate brand promotion and publicity, in this period to do after-sales service and planning, and fully prepare for the sales season starting in September.
Huang Shuguang, head of Bomeijia Building Materials City, said: "Compared with the first half of the year, the building materials market will enter the off-season, and the activities will be relatively reduced. The merchants will pay more attention to product adjustments and prepare for the peak season in September. The Mid-Autumn Festival will launch the mall in due course. Promotions."

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