U.S. Experts Use Carbon Dioxide to Synthesize Plastic Packaging Materials

Glass-like transparency and airtight new plastic packaging materials were developed by U.S. experts. The raw materials used are widespread carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is chemically stable. A single carbon dioxide does not make plastic. but. U.S. experts use a new technology. Use a special zinc-based catalyst that combines carbon dioxide and ethylene oxide (or propylene oxide). Mix in the same amount. It has made plastic packaging materials with new features. The material is similar to polycarbonate and nylon polyamide resin, except that it can be thermally decomposed and gasified at a temperature of 240 degrees Celsius. It also has biodegradability and is buried in the soil for several years. It can disappear completely. Does not pollute the environment.

Made from bamboo wood, a natural and renewable resource, bamboo is formaldehyde free, antibacterial, and odorless, meaning that it will keep all of your food safe from any bacteria that may be lingering in the kitchen. These are made under multi-step processes, with extractive craft and leading design, generously sized to accommodate breads, rolls, and pastries, brings a warm, classic look to any kitchen, it makes a great housewarming gift. Hand wash only.

Bamboo Bread Bin

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