Packaging machine for continuous production of sealed packages

A packaging machine 1 for producing a package 2 from which a food product can be filled from a strip 6 of heat-sealing packaging material sheet. The packaging machine 1 has a plurality of optoelectronic elements 14 for which parameters are set for external programming and is positioned facing the strip 6 of packaging material to detect optically detectable elements on the strip and has setting means 26, 210 300. The packaging machine 1 also has a control unit 16 connected to the optoelectronic component 14 and a setting device for activating the particular optoelectronic component 14 by the starting device 24, and data downloading means 26, 240, 310 for accessing the specific optoelectronic component 14 J: setting parameters of the T~X photovoltaic elements, and the data uploading devices 26, 260, and 330 for uploading the setting parameters calculated as a function of the setting parameters downloaded from the specific photoelectric element 14 to the other photoelectricity On element 14.

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