Candy Packing: The Christmas tree's shape is very effective

The packaging, compounding and printing of this stand-up pouch are all handled by CLP Industries. The unique shape helps the confectioner Cafe Britt sell chocolate products in Costa Rica. This bag has a crenellated edge seal. The outermost layer of polyethylene is indented on the back and laminated to the middle aluminum foil layer. The innermost layer is polyester. Due to the use of precise positioning techniques, CLP uses point modifications to increase the gloss of gifts and fruits on Christmas trees.

The tree-shaped packaging bag is machined using the Totani system and sent to Cafe Britt for manual filling and heat sealing. Each bag is laser cut to cut a small tear opening. Each bag can hold 6 ounces of candy.

Monica Carballo, Costa Rican Market and Product Development Manager at Cafe Britt, said, “Christmas is one of our most important sales seasons. We want our products to use unique packaging to stand out in a wide variety of candy bags. So we designed a Christmas tree shape. We have worked with CLP for many years, as a packaging supplier, they provide us with high quality packaging all year round, and always pay attention to our needs.The Christmas tree bags help us to obtain better sales performance than in previous years, we will Continue to use this package."

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