Fresh meat God does not wear a watch how type

Men love table, regardless of age. Whether it is popular fresh meat or not the old god of men, ultimately, watch foil. When it comes to popular small fresh meat, these few people must get on the list. Let's take a look at what tables they all wear! Wu Yifan wear Bulgari After 90 fresh meat Wu Yefan from Asia's popular idol group EXO-M fly alone, the focus shifted to the entertainment industry in the Mainland, and received high popularity, career smoothly. In the film, including the "old gunner" and "Mermaid" and other box office high. He is currently Bulgari China brand ambassador. He is wearing the Bulgari Octo cool charm watch, interpretation of cool handsome masculinity and elegant style. Well Bai Ran wear Jaeger family Jing Bai Ran was a BOBO portfolio members, his career after solo development more smoothly. He starred in "Dream Monster" set a box office record, so that he popularity soared. He is wearing the Geophysic® Universal Time Geophysical Observatory series of world time watch, wearing a purple suit, the gentleman type. Yang Yang wear Dior Yang Yang was first known or is he acted in the "New Dream of Red Mansions," which Jia Baoyu, and later starred in the "Four Famous" and reality show, but also quickly became a popular hot red meat. His wrist is wearing the Chiori Chronograph Chiffre Rouge series C05 watch, a good interpretation of the masculinity of the watch. Li Zhiting wear Audemars Piguet Li Zhiting appeared in the version of Fan Bingbing "Wu Mei Niang legend", by virtue of the handsome appearance of the sun is the audience well known. He is wearing on the picture above is Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Gold Watches, Gentleman Aristocrats Li Zhiting, cool handsome interpretation of modern design, gold aesthetic watch, especially to steal the spotlight. Luhan wear Patek Philippe Why did he get Lu Han small meat list? He has been with the "microblogging comment on the most Bowen" access to the Guinness Book of World Records, we can see his popularity. He is wearing the Patek Philippe on the map, is a watch box. As the first of the list of Patek Philippe is mostly political bigwigs favorite, such as Putin the Great; public entertainment Patek Philippe is not a lot, but there is a piece of Luhan, this Patek Philippe Nautilus series 5712G watch worth 400,000 So, deer Han this trench and fresh, simply can not resist ah!