Nike Pegasus (25th Anniversary Edition) king of running shoes

Footwear designer CraigConahan decided to design a brand new celebratory motif to mark the 25th anniversary of the launch of AirPegasus running shoes. Clegg, after sifting through the long history of sneakers, finally designed a commemorative running shoe that is true to the original and contains the innovative elements of today's Pegasus. Craig designed the AirPegasus + 25SE in exactly the same way as the NikeDunk. He first mixed the old models, but did not want to lose the fit that the previous generation AirPegasus had. Using the same outsole as the Pegasus on the new running shoe, Craig worked with the Nike development team to redesign the upper to bring the look closer to the original, but still have the best look you're looking for Shock sports shoes have the features. Clegg understands that the running shoes that most runners need to fit comfortably and securely, so he designed the AirPegasus + 25SE with a novel look, while retaining the same feel and performance that the previous generation of Pegasus was trustworthy . Craig put the previous generation of Pegasus running shoes as a benchmark to create a neutral running shoes, full length of the AirSole unit and NikeRideliner midsole so that the new running shoes with superior cushioning and fit. NikeRideliner polyurethane foam (PU) foam composition, runs through the entire Phylon midsole, for the running shoes to add more cushioning effect. PU is the most durable material used to make the midsole, to ensure the durability of the cushioning effect. The AirPegasus + 25SE is also compatible with Nike + and can transfer your important running data (such as speed and distance) to your iPod® nano or Nike + SportBand, a new member of the Nike + family, while you are running, joining the world's largest online run Friends community CraigConahan Pattern Designer II Craig graduated from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, with a master's degree in art in print production. In 1995, Klein moved with his wife to Portland near their family. Six months later, Nike gave him a job when he guided football at a local high school. Twelve years later, Clegg has been a designer in the running gear department. In his spare time he likes to share his family with his family, but also happy to write in his home studio. AirPegasus + 25SE Technical Note This section is dedicated to celebrating the 25th anniversary of its birth of a special section of the sneakers are glittering designer inspiration: full-length AirSole, simple and unusual design elements, advanced materials and technology. The shape of the sneakers recalls the earliest launch of the Pegasus, but today the running shoe incorporates the latest technology to meet the needs of today's runners. The upper uses a seamless structure, with classic Pegasus overlay and environmentally friendly fabrics. The seamless design reduces the weight of the shoe, ensuring no friction during running while retaining the original design as it is the traditional element of the world's best-selling running shoe. The Phylon insole features a cuboid active area that allows the wearer's foot to smooth over the toe off the ground. The soft Polyurethane Rideliner and the full-length Air-Sole make it feel better underfoot, The design allows the foot to over-impact more smoothly. The soft, dynamic Archbridge provides support for the medial arch and accommodates natural foot twisting. Wrapped in the microfibers in the foot to provide support and comfort fit. The special wedges on the famous waffle outsole are made of "green" rubber (with recycled material) that acts as a separate piston that brings support and comfort to the foot. The BRS1000 heel touch zone gives the running shoe the greatest resistance to abrasion, making it more durable. AirPegasus + 25SE Special Edition Commemorative shoe box and shoe bag packaging, this section features a rich combination of traditional running shoes and the perfect combination of modern features, especially for those who like this design of the foot mild varus and neutral step State runner wearing.