REACH (European Union Regulation on Chemical Products) Extensive impact on Swiss watchmaking

REACH (EU Regulation "Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals") was adopted in 2006 with the ultimate goal of eliminating all hazardous chemicals in industrial products. It applies to all chemical industry, naturally including watchmaking. Earlier, the EU regulations prohibit the use of radium elements for the manufacture of watches. Does this guarantee that the products of the watch industry will not cause allergies, non-toxic or non-carcinogenic? Some manufacturers do not seem to agree, however. Consumer organizations But hold the wait and see attitude. In early 2006, a 4-year-old kid was killed by the accidental swallowing of small pendants attached to his shoes, which shocked the entire United States. Post-mortem testing identified the fatal cause as lead poisoning, which can kill even at very small doses. A 4-year-old child died as a result of accidental swallowing of the small pendants that came with her shoes. The pendants were produced in 2004-2006 at a production capacity of 485,000, and are offered as small gifts for shoes, widely distributed in Europe and the United States. Cause of death: lead poisoning. Just as the new European law, REACH, passed in December of the same year, the statute got the attention of Swiss watchmakers, but some producers are passive because they consider it a trade protectionist barrier. Rainy day, is not it a good thing? According to statistics, mankind can produce up to 46,000,000 kinds of chemical substances, this is a shocking data. In fact, this is not a fixed data. The Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), a division of the American Chemistry Association (ACS), lists all chemicals used by humans. More than 40,000 new additions were made in the week. However, what makes Xiao Bian more shocking is that there is almost no description of the human and natural effects of these chemicals. However, some of them are more allergic, toxic or carcinogenic substances. Manufacturers even deliberately ignore this information. Therefore, the EU decided to take measures to control the rate of harmful chemicals in products. Potential impact on industry REACH has not only improved the shortcomings of the existing international and European legal systems, but also has an innovative meaning. It follows four legislative points: control of subsequent chemical production, prohibit the use of highly concerned substances (such as carcinogens), increase the sense of responsibility of importers, and provide the necessary information to end customers. Allergy caused by wearing a watch containing harmful substances. REACH: Aware of toxic and allergenic substances, carcinogenic effects on humans and nature Europe is the main market affected by the regulation, so the impact of the Swiss watchmaking industry is predictable. The law states that chemical producers must comply with the requirements of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and that the toxic effects of the product must be assessed. To date, more than 65,000 companies worldwide have announced about 140,000 chemical substances and their effects on humans and nature. Side Effects of REACH - Indirect Injuries to Watchmaking This is a continuous process, and the most direct impact on the watchmaking industry is the inventory problem. In fact, a bracelet rated as good in 2011 may not be eligible for 2014. For example, the chemical composition of cadmium used in jewelry, is a preservative effect, although still legitimate, has now been disabled. Therefore, it is difficult to have more than 10 years of treasury stock, and once the old case can not be recycled. Small suppliers of branded watches also risk legal liability. As branded watch companies need to be responsible for the quality of their products, either indirectly or directly, their requirements for their suppliers have also increased and even require suppliers to provide certification. However, small suppliers that produce less than 1 tonne / year do not need to comply with REACH, so they risk choosing legal liability or abandoning their chances of continuing to service their brand watches. Watchmaking industry has been deeply involved in the impact of the law, must keep eyes wide open, comply with laws and regulations, be careful with chemicals, so trouble-ridden. (Text / million watch world liyarong)