Yu Wenle, Wu Yifan, who is better than anyone else?

When someone asked me who is the trend icon? It was Shawn Yue and Wu Yifan who spoke out. They are representative of the trends of the 80s and 90s. Although they are of different styles, they are the objects that young people are now competing to imitate. Let us take a look at what "methods" they each use in putting on. [Yu Wenle] As a filmmaker, he can be Chen Yongren, who is young in Infernal Affairs, and Zhang Zhiming, a big boy in Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao. He is gentle but innocent. As a trend icon, he has a unique style and established his personal madness brand, which is the best way to “play” the Japanese style of work clothes. His style of dress looks simple but superb. Rolex Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Paul Newman Ref.6263 Shawn Yue can say that in addition to love drying shoes, the most love is the table, and as a Rolex death powder, exclusive in retro watches, often retro steel table and tooling style clothes together, people eye-catching, That is fashionable and stylish. This antique Rolex, white dial with black small three-bezel background, small three-bezel scale marked with a square mark, and the table is almost no new, well-maintained second-hand table must be more than 300,000 yuan ! Wu Yifan Wu Yifan, who has always been a darling of fashion circles, in recent years has won the endorsements of BVLGARI and Burberry. The fashionable face and the height of the 187 made him have to be called a "walking clothes hanger." In 17 years, he served as a mentor for hip-hop programs across the country, making hip-hop trend culture flourish in China. Bulgari BVLGARI Octo Finissimo Automatic Wu Yifan, as a spokesperson for Bvlgari, can say that she is very dedicated to attending events or privately dressed. The wrists are inseparable from Bulgari. Every time Bvlgari watches can play a delicate charm, so that fashion becomes more advanced. This Bvlgari watch is currently the thinnest ultra-thin automatic watch Bvlgari, the watchmaking process to the limit. Who wins or loses in the end? One is the icon of the trend, fun tooling style, let yourself become a synonym for Hong Kong male tooling style, one is a fashion rookie, the seamless docking of hip-hop elements and high-grade clothing, in the end who's collocation "method" is even higher? The two of them are really difficult to distinguish themselves, otherwise the well-known magazines would choose them to serve as the same season's advertising image at the same time. [Wear recommended] Watch + Tooling ───────────────────────── For daily wear, Sha Wenle's simple tooling seems to be easier to control than Wu Yifan and European and American hip-hop. Today, he and Xiao Z learn together how to use the same style of work and steel as Shi Wenle. 【Watch recommendation】 01 FIYTA Space Series GA8590.WLW Reference price: 5800 yuan 02 Aibao Emotional Series 3391.832.20.16.30 Reference price: 14820 yuan 03 Tudor troopers series 74033-62473 5di (Black Disk) Reference price: 20410 yuan The feeling given by the steel watch is domineering, and the sense of match with the tooling style is just right, not grabbing the limelight, nor is it a surprise. It is a perfect combination. If the white dial is aesthetically pleasing, try different colors and take a wave of personalized male outfits. [tool recommended] Army Green has always been a basic element of the style of work clothes, but picking a good-looking military green coat is not easy. If you choose badly, it is easy to become an uncle. In the winter, the pilot's short jacket is warm, it will not appear too bloated, and sweaters and casual clothes are good choices. The short jacket can also extend the visual effect of the legs to some extent. The medium-length jacket is also good, and it can be matched with a shirt sweater. It is very suitable for mix and match. At the same time, the degree of handsomeness of girls does not lose the boys, and Liu Wen is also his fan. Tooling + Steel Meter = EASY CHIC Steel watch, military green coat can not be less Million World Committed to the culture of watches and clocks, keeping a neutral and objective spirit to be a professional watch and watch media Scan the QR code below to enter the mystery channel