Highly recommended bathroom sanitary ware can be built without 10,000 yuan

Decoration is a big event for a lifetime. For the owner, the hard-working house of course hopes that the decoration of his home will be satisfactory. In this issue, the editor will ask everyone to build a high-quality bathroom without using ten thousand yuan. Come together Understand.

The first move: big-impact toilet

If they have strict requirements on the sanitary environment of the bathroom, how can they make the toilet full of dirt? But often it is not a way to clean it yourself, so choosing a high-impact toilet can satisfy the picky.

Although high impact is an important factor for flushing, it is necessary to pay attention to the flushing method when selecting the toilet. The flushing type and siphon type have strong sewage discharge capabilities; the vortex type has a large water consumption at a time; the direct flush siphon type has both advantages.

Product recommendation: Hengjie bathroom toilet H01130E

Reference price: 1899 yuan

The water tank is heightened, the water parts are accurately controlled, and a stronger impulse is formed in an instant. The super-energy vortex flushing technology can be cleaned with a light press, and the thickened seat ring is enlarged to fit the hip curve.

The second measure: large capacity bathroom cabinet

Picky and tangled, she has very high requirements for the cleanliness of the bathroom. There is no clutter, but the bathroom is a place where debris is easy to accumulate. The superb storage bathroom cabinet is a must for the picky.

If you want a powerful storage function for bathroom cabinets, consider choosing products with more drawers when purchasing, or cabinets with obvious partitions and divisions, so as to better store various debris.

Product recommendation: Jiu Mu elegant series bathroom cabinet

Reference price: 4130 yuan

Classic black and white series, high-grade PVC material, storage cabinet with 3047 stainless steel, East China sliding door panel, super storage.

The third measure: dry and wet shower room

She is picky, she can't stand the wet room in the bathroom, so the wet and dry partition of the bathroom is very important. For families with enough space, they can borrow the corners of the two walls to build an exclusive shower room, so that the bathroom will not be full again. The ground is full of water.

Since the shower room is often impacted by hot and cold air, and the glass material is easily damaged, pay attention to the glass material of the shower room when selecting. You must choose 3C certified explosion-proof glass, and the thickness is 6-8mm.

Product recommendation: Oulusa bathroom shower room OLS-W128

Reference price: 400 yuan

High-quality aluminum frame, using tempered glass, high-quality profile, small space and large capacity, the base adopts 5-layer ABS composite board, supporting portable shower, shelf, mirror.

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