Zhuang You launches “Beautiful Village, I am a small environmental guard” outdoor practice

Zhuang Xiao launches “Beautiful Village, I am a small environmental guard” outdoor practice date: 2016-02-26 14:27

To cultivate children's awareness of environmental protection and establish a scientific and civilized way of life, on the morning of February 25th, Zhuang You organized young children to carry out beautiful Zhuang City. I was an outdoor practice for the small guards of environmental protection. Through this activity, we helped children to protect the environment and everyone was responsible for it. Social responsibility.

In the course of this activity, all the young children wore unified uniforms and hand rubbed rubbish bags. They reached the Liuyan Chenyun Community where the park is located. We used the class as a unit to disperse the garbage. Under the guidance of the class teacher, children leaned over various lawns and trails of paper towels, skins, food bags and other household waste. Some children bent down to find out carefully, and some picked up a lot of fallen leaves; some picked up the candy paper and snack bags hidden in the lawn; some picked up cigarette butts, apple cores, waste paper, and empty bottles. The emotions of the event are high, and all of them are small environmental guards. Along the way, they focused their attention on the ground and searched for garbage. In less than an hour, everyone’s garbage bags had been fruitful. In the process of picking up rubbish along the way, passers-by in the community were also infected by the behavior of all children and joined the ranks of rubbish. After the grandparents saw the young children rubbing garbage in the community with their tender hands, they could not help being touched by the behavior of the young children. They all gave out their thumbs. After the event, they looked at the clean and tidy environment. Everyone smiled. After returning to the kindergarten, we have also categorized the collected rubbish. We will guide children to put empty bottles, waste paper, and other recyclable garbage together. Confectionery paper, snack bags, cigarette butts, and apple cores are not recyclable. Garbage put together.

Through the environmental protection activities of outdoor rubbish, we not only exercised the spirit of children’s hard work, but also strengthened their social practice ability and environmental awareness so that they understood: to speak about civilization, to speak about hygiene, and to protect the environment from me. At the same time, develop good environmental practices. The kindergarten will also continue to organize such environmental education activities in March of the month of Lei Feng, so that young children can really realize the significance of doing Xiaolei Feng in practice, and further inspire young children to protect the environment.

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