Corrugated paper packaging and printing

Speaking of printing corrugated cartons, it is common to use beer packaging, the so-called “beer cartons”.

The corrugated packaging material used to make the corrugated box was said to have been founded in the United Kingdom in the 19th century as a material that absorbed sweat from the top hat.

Corrugated paper is usually composed of 3 sheets of paper, that is, general corrugated paper is composed of a corrugated corrugated paper core and a corrugated liner paper attached to the top and bottom of the paper.

Only a paper-reinforced corrugated board is called a one-sided board, and there are two corrugated paperboard cores and three corrugated paperboard cores called two-layer corrugated and three-layer corrugated cardboard, respectively, which are used according to the different strengths they are subjected to. It seems that many people have heard of the word C-type corrugated recently.

Corrugated paper is classified into many types depending on its height.

1 Corrugated and its use

In Japan, A-type corrugated and B-type corrugated corrugated boxes are generally used as outer packing boxes for transportation. The beer boxes mentioned at the beginning of this article are generally made of B-type crucibles. E楞 is used as a single-piece packaging box with certain aesthetic requirements and appropriate weight content, such as the "Zhongyuan Festival" in July and the end of the year, packaging of non-promotional goods, and packaging for Christmas cakes. F-type corrugated and G-type corrugated are collectively referred to as miniature corrugated, and are extremely thin corrugated, used as disposable packaging containers for foods such as hamburgers, cream fillings, and the like, or as microelectronics products such as digital cameras, portable audio systems, and refrigeration The packaging of goods.

2 Corrugated paper printing

As far as corrugated paper printing is concerned, there is no special printing method. No matter whether it is embossing, gravure or offset printing, it is the main printing method.

1) Letterpress (flexo)

As mentioned above, in the embossing process, the liner is first sent to a flexo web printer before being processed into a corrugated shape, and then it is bonded to the corrugated core and the other liner to become corrugated packaging. material.

Corrugated paper uses a relief made of a resin material for both rotary printing and sheet printing. Flexographic printing using water-based ink is an extremely effective printing method, regardless of the smoothness of the liner used in the production of the corrugated medium, and can be printed accurately and at a high speed.

In addition, the flexo printing ink has good opacity, and can be printed on the original leather of the cowhide used to produce bright colors.

In the past, the use of resin relief plate process, the use of organic solvent cleaning process is indispensable, recently, from the plate-making process began to take into account some of the environmental coordination of the media, such as only the use of water can be used to wash the plate; Plates that can be used for thermal development; plates that use UV-curable liquids (recovery and reuse of unsensitized liquids), etc., are all environmentally compatible printing methods.

However, in Japan, flexo's high-mesh line process has not made much progress, and most of the flexo products seen by the store are 80 network cable products. In Europe and America, especially in Europe, the printing method of corrugated paper materials is mainly flexographic, and the flexo printing products with 100 to 140 network cables can be seen.

The reason for flexo printing high-line numbering can be said to be vigorously adopting the environment-coordination process in Europe, while Japan has high requirements for the reproduction accuracy of printing. Fine printing is achieved by offset printing and gravure printing, and is a so-called grainless photo. Reproduction of (175 Lpi) consciousness works strongly as a result.

2) Gravure printing

Although the gravure in the gravure printing method is the same, the paper gravure printing machine is different from the gravure printing gravure printing machine in that the ink needs to be transferred by applying a large printing pressure. Therefore, the printing plate cylinder and the impression cylinder are large. Again, it is a kind of printing method for large quantities of products.

In addition, since gravure printing is a printing method different from flexo printing, the printed paper must have a good smoothness. The gravure printing with a large amount of ink coating is thick, and compared with offset printing and flexo printing, it is a printing method with high evaluation on deep printing. In order to respond to the environmental countermeasures that limit VOC emissions, it may be necessary to consider corresponding water-based gravure in the future.

3) Lithography

The so-called offset printing is offset printing. When it comes to corrugated offset printing, the past process was generally to first perform offset printing on cardboard, etc., and then attach it to single-sided corrugated paper.

About 10 years ago, due to the wide adoption of G-type corrugated, very thin G-type corrugated paper can be printed directly on the offset press. This direct offset printing process can reduce the number of processes compared to the process of printing on cardboard and then laminating with single-faced corrugations, so theoretically speaking, it has advantages in terms of delivery and cost, but the greater advantage lies in the G-type corrugated file. Offset can be carried out directly, which can greatly reduce paper usage.

The reduction in energy consumption during production becomes a reduction in costs and a reduction in CO2 emissions; the reduction in transportation energy consumption is associated with a reduction in transport costs and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

A practical example is that there are many occasions where products such as digital cameras are transported by air. Assuming that they are transported to New York and the packaging is reduced by 10g, CO2 emissions will be reduced by 152.9g in the air transport phase.

G-type and other very thin miniature corrugated packaging, high strength, thin thickness, small size, and beautifully printed. As a kind of packaging that corresponds with the environment, it will be more eye-catching in the future.

3 Application of heavy content packaging

The typical example of corrugated packaging was described earlier: a beer box made of B-type corrugated, and G-shaped corrugated boxes are being used to make beverage cans in overseas.

Even if it is a package of heavy-weight contents, in the future, more and more beautiful and environmentally-friendly packaging will be pursued. It can be said that the printing method with a wide range of applications, strong popularity, and attractive users will be pursued by people.

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