Mediterranean style wooden door, a "blueprint" for the soul

Mediterranean style wooden door, a "blueprint" for the soul

The living room, the TV background wall, and the blue door are the study room.

The TV background wall is two blocks and a piece of wood.

The restaurant went to the aisle of the bathroom and made a door that could be opened 180 degrees. Before I saw that the TX had made a similar door, in fact, such a door is more suitable for gardening, but we don't have a garden, huh, huh. This door is also a small partition of the restaurant and bathroom. However, it is not convenient to enter and exit, especially when holding things in your hand.

The dining table is on the right hand side of the door. There is a TV on this wall. I wanted to hang two paintings, but this wall has a soundproof layer. I can’t hit the nails. It’s good to hang that TV. Dajin padded the board inside, so my two paintings had to be done.

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