How does it touch poison to raise it? Is it poisonous?

Bianxiangxiang is a shrub-like herb. When you touch it, it will automatically emit an apple-like fragrance. It is very comfortable and unforgettable. So it is often planted in offices and other places. Decoration is also applicable. Xiaobian to introduce how to raise Dabanxiang ? Is it poisonous?

Bianxiangxiang is a herbaceous plant with brown stems and branches. The tender stems are green and even blushed. The leaves are oval or obovate, very smooth, with sparse teeth on the edges, and the petals are like umbrellas. It is a multi-year-old herbaceous plant with many branches and the whole plant is surrounded by fine white fluff. The touch feels fluffy and elastic. Succulent leaves, alternately green, oval.

1. The breeding method of Bianxiangxiang:

It is easy to cultivate Bianxiangxiang. This plant is more drought tolerant, so water less. But I like the sunny environment. In order to grow more robustly, the branches can be properly cut and trimmed. Winter temperature should not be too low, at least 5 degrees, the plants are not resistant to moisture, and excessive humidity can easily cause root rot. The propagation methods include sowing, cutting and ramification. It is very suitable for potted plants. It should be placed in a high place or hung indoors.

2. Breeding and breeding methods

Propagation by cutting is the simplest method. After cutting the plant, it can take root for about 20 days, and can be transplanted in a small flower pot after rooting. Potted plants are easy to survive and have high drought tolerance, avoiding long-term water retention. The sun is abundant. Properly pruned, growth is strong.

3. The growth habit of bumper incense

Like sunshine, but also more tolerant of shade. Fear of cold, you need to cultivate in the greenhouse. Not resistant to water and humidity. Like loose, well-drained soil. Like warmth and intolerance of cold. Winter requires a temperature of 5 ℃ -10 ℃. Not tolerant to moisture, too wet will cause rotten roots to death.

4. The main purpose of bumper incense

Bingdangxiang got its name because it smells like apple when it is hit or touched by the outside world. It is rich and fragrant. It smells comfortable and is very popular on the market. Suitable for potted plants, it should be placed in a high place or hung indoors, and can also be used as a decoration for several cases and desks. The leaves make tea, wine, and the aroma is tempting. Refreshing, refreshing and relieving heat, and repelling mosquitoes.

5. Is Bianxiangxiang poisonous?

Is Bianxiangxiang poisonous? This is the last concern of everyone. If the smell is fragrant, everyone is worried whether it is as toxic as there is a chance. Here I tell you that the reason why the incense stick emits a scent is similar to the principle of "shyness" of mimosa. When it is stimulated by external touch, the intracellular water acts and the swelling of the leaf pillow changes. The only difference from mimosa is that It does not shrink under the action of inflation pressure, but the internal pores used for ventilation expand, and an easily volatile substance with apple flavor diffuses into the air along the pores. The fragrance of Bingxiangxiang is a green substance of plant body cells, which is non-toxic and harmless. Touching incense is not poisonous.

Relevant information about how to raise the bumper incense is introduced here for everyone, I hope this article is helpful to everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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