[seven plus two] SWS Severus autumn and winter couple three-in-one assault 280

Severus professional three-in-one all-weather jacket, three anti-fabric, high-temperature rubber, can effectively block the invasion of rain and frost, comprehensively meet the outdoor demand for weight-bearing walking, technology climbing. Seamless gluing process, detachable windproof cap, reverse pocket design, sleeve retractable, 320G composite fleece fabric, excellent windproof effect.

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Seven plus two friends mall, now group buying activities, Severus couple models three-in-one jacket, the original price of 1599 is 280 yuan. Relative to Tmall Jingdong is the price of 1599, it is already a history of the bottom price. Now a variety of colors are available, and can also be paired with lovers, if you like, you can start with a low price.

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Purchase Portal: http://tuan.7jia2.com/goods-4224.html

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