It is important to ensure the cleanliness of the ventilation type aging test chamber

Ensure that the cleaning of the venting aging test chamber is the core indicator for extending the service life of the test chamber. The following sections explain the three major parts that the venting aging test chamber should be cleaned regularly.

First, regularly clean the dirt inside the box.

Dirt and foreign matter in the test area can affect the results of the test, so it is necessary to clean the test area before each test. First open the test chamber door and clean the inner box wall, hanging strips, etc. with a soft cloth.

Second, regularly clean the distribution cabinet dust

Accumulation of dust in the ventilation type aging test box distribution cabinet and water circuit room can cause unnecessary failure. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the power distribution cabinet and water circuit regularly. Before cleaning the power distribution cabinet, you must turn off the main power switch. After opening the cover of the power distribution cabinet, use the vacuum cleaner or compressed air spray gun to remove the dust from the power distribution cabinet. Follow the cleaning sequence from top to bottom to prevent repeated cleaning. After cleaning, The cover of the power distribution cabinet is installed.

Third, regular detection of leakage protectors

In order to ensure the normal operation of the circuit breaker and leakage protection switch, please check regularly. Inspection method: While pushing the relay, click the test button. If the circuit breaker is tripped, the protection action is normal. Otherwise, it is not normal. Please contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.


Round Single Sided Light Box

Round Single Sided Light Box



Aluminium/ Stainless steel/ Acrylic Panel



Lighting Colour

White/ Pink/ Red/ Green/ Blue/ Yellow etc.

Lighting Source

Led Strips/LED module


Waterproof/ Low Consumption / Bold Visual Effect etc.

Safe Voltage

Normally 12 DC, 110V~230V


Cutting, Sanding, Bending, Glue, Wiring, etc.


Both indoor/ outdoor Decoration and advertisement.

Average Life Time

>60,000 hours

Working temperature


Installtion Method

3M adhesive, Back screw bolts fixing or hanging, with 1:1 fixing template and accessories for Installation Reference


Covered with bubble wrap and foam inside,and packed with wooden case outside. Also can be packed as your requirements.


By express:(TNT/UPS/DHL etc.):4-5 Days

By Air:5-7 Days

By Ship:25-35 Days



Models pictures:



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