Determination of hydrocarbon impurities in coking toluene by gas chromatography

This standard is applicable to the determination of hydrocarbon impurities in coking toluene, including benzene, C8 aromatic hydrocarbons and non-aromatic hydrocarbons up to n-nonane. The measurement range of each group of impurities is 0.01 ~ 3.00% (m / m) This standard refers to the use of ISO5279-80 "Gas Chromatographic Determination of Hydrocarbon Impurities in Toluene".
1 Test principle A known amount of internal standard is added to the sample, and a certain amount of the mixture is injected into the vaporization chamber of the chromatograph with a syringe. The vaporized mixture is carried by the carrier gas into the chromatography column chromatography and detected by hydrogen flame ionization The detector detects each component and records the chromatogram on the recorder. It is characterized by the relative retention time of the impurities and the tailing peak of the impurities relative to the internal standard. The former is rare. > Quantitative chromatographic peak area. The calculation should consider the effect of the detector's relative correction factor on each component.
2 Samples are taken and prepared according to the provisions of GB1999-80 "Coking Product Light Oil Sampling Method", and a representative sample of not less than 1000ml shall be taken from a large amount of materials.
3 Instruments and materials

Instrument: GC9160 gas chromatograph;

This article is derived from the gas chromatography method for determination of hydrocarbon impurities in coking toluene

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