PBF4 type fluoroborate ion electrode instruction manual

PBF4 type fluoroborate ion electrode instruction manual

1. Application Fluoroborate ion electrode has been successfully used to determine the boron content in steel. Compared with other test methods, it has the advantages of simple operation and accurate measurement results. Moreover, the electrode can also be used to determine the boron content in seawater magnesia, formate materials and other materials.

2. Technical data
1. Concentration range: 1 × 101 -3 × 106mol / L BF4
2. Measuring temperature: room temperature
3. Internal resistance of electrode: ≦ 50M∩
4. PH range: 3.5-4.5PH

Three, use and maintenance
1. The electrode that has not been used for a long time must be immersed in a 1 × 102 mol / L NaBF4 solution for several hours before use, and then fully washed with deionized water to be used.
2. Preparation of NaBF4 standard solution:
Weigh 109.82g of refined NaBF4 and dilute it to 1000ml. The dilute solution is obtained by this stepwise dilution. To reduce the influence of NaBF4 hydrolysis, the standard solution should be prepared daily.
3. During the test, Na2SO4 should be added to the NaBF4 standard solution as the ionic strength regulator, so that the background solution concentration is 0.1 mol / L NaBF4.
4. When using this electrode, do not collide the sensitive film with hard objects to avoid damaging the electrode.
5. Electrode performance test:
The potential of the electrode was tested in grades from dilute to concentrated in 3 × 106 -1 × 101 mol / L NaBF4 standard solution. The electrode level difference (S) generally conforms to the following formula:
S ≧ 55 × (273 + t) / 298mV / PBF4
5. If the electrode is used frequently, it should be immersed in pure water after each test to facilitate the next test. If it is not used for a long time, the electrode should be washed and dried and stored in a dry place.

4. The quality guarantee period of the electrode is six months

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