The role and pollution of lamination in post-press processing

Everyone knows that post-press processing is the cosmetology of printed products. There are many members of this process family, such as: glazing, coating, bumping (arching), bronzing, hologram hot stamping, laminating, etc. Each processing technology has its own branches and members according to different requirements. This article only analyzes the role of the film in the post-press processing and pollution problems:

First, the classification of film

â‘  According to the process of coating, it is divided into three types: dry coating, wet coating, and oily coating.

â‘¡According to the type of film, it is divided into OPP, BOPP, PET, Niyou film, glossy film, matte film, etc.

â‘¢According to the nature of the film adhesive, it is divided into: water-based film, oily film and pre-coated film.

Second, the role of film

Laminating film can protect the printed products from abrasion, make the printed patterns brighter and fuller, increase the strength of the printed products (such as piercing strength, tensile strength), and prolong the storage time of the printed products (such as after the photo is sealed, it will not fade or yellow , Greatly increasing the shelf life).

3. Application of film

Lamination process With the continuous improvement of customers' requirements for printing and packaging products and people's understanding and recognition of lamination products, the lamination process is more and more widely used in various fields of life and production. If you pay attention to it, you will soon find a wide variety of coated products, such as pictures, color pages, publications, cartons, cartons, photos, and so on.

In addition, the products that are not easy to see are also a big category, such as fertilizer bags, seed bags, handbags and other large-scale packaging items. Not only does it use the effect of strengthening the strength of the paper after covering the film, but also uses the moisture barrier effect of the film, which can be used in one fell swoop to improve the performance of the entire package.

4. Pollution of film

Like other things, the film also has defects, which is the problem of pollution. Film pollution is divided into three stages of film pollution, product pollution and post-disposal pollution.

1. Process contamination

At present, most of the laminating equipment used in China is domestic equipment. The products below semi-automatic are mostly oily laminating, more manual labor, and the distance between the personnel and the film is close, but the price of this equipment is low, which is more suitable for the current labor force. Area

Used by manufacturers. The oil-based film adhesive and its thinner contain a large amount of chemical diluents such as benzene and alcohol, which have a large odor, strong volatility and toxicity, and have caused health damage to many people in the industry. Reports are seen from time to time, and because of their chemical properties, they are extremely flammable, and are flammable in the presence of open flames or strong light, which is a great hidden danger of fire in factory production.

The combination of these two conditions, that is, semi-automatic mechanical and close manual operation, makes the operator suffer from dizziness, headache, skin redness and other discomforts. Those with excellent physical strength and those who are not allergic will also feel poor breathing, fatigue, and severe skin erosion The last neuritis causes muscle atrophy and even life-threatening. Therefore, the author urges that enterprises should not only consider the issue from the perspective of cost, but also consider the social benefits, personnel health and other aspects, and take necessary measures to avoid or mitigate such pollution. Factory managers understand that laminating workers are generally reluctant to work or do not work long, even when there is a surplus of labor, working girls and wage earners are not looking for work.

Some factories use frequent substitution or rotation, and even adopt the method of recruiting new workers to the factory to work on the glazing machine for a few months to solve the problem of toxic and harmful substances on the personnel, but this is not the root of the problem. method.

2. Product pollution

Benzene and alcohols are highly volatile substances. Most of the volatiles are volatilized during the coating process and within a short time after the product is formed, but a small amount remains in the product, depending on the storage conditions and storage The time is extended and slowly evaporates.

The high-speed and high-efficiency production of modern industrial products has caused the residual substances to be quickly delivered to consumers along with the commodities. The odor and toxicity of these residual substances have polluted the environment of consumer survival to a certain extent and damaged consumer health. Today, the whole world is paying attention to the environmental protection, pollution-free and pollution-free products. This situation has to be changed.

3. Waste pollution

As we all know, paper products can be recycled, and paper products after film treatment are generally not directly recycled by paper manufacturers, and need to be separated after manual processing. If directly discarded, it will cause a new type of white pollution. Due to the large number of domestic waste paper recycling personnel, there is no or serious problem of waste pollution of coated paper products, but the potential existence of this factor does not disappear by itself.

V. Development prospects of laminating equipment and materials

With the development of science and technology, new materials, new processes and new equipment will continue to be added to the field of dry wood Fengchun membrane. With the update and development of environmental awareness, health awareness, and operator concepts, new scientific and technological achievements will phase out the products of the old process, resulting in a qualitative change in the coating process, "non-toxic, harmless, green environmental protection" becomes the coating The inevitable development trend of technology. For example: water-based film adhesive, this adhesive uses water-soluble polymer polyester materials, using water as a solvent, basically environmentally friendly products. At present, the domestic water-based coating adhesive has the problem of poor stability, but such defects as WDT-3300, WDT-2200, WDT-1100 produced in South Korea have solved these defects and can completely replace oil-based coating adhesive products.

In terms of machinery, laminating machine manufacturers in Guangdong, Hebei, and Zhejiang have successively launched several semi-automatic desktop dry laminating machine products.

South Korea ’s Yongxin has also launched the FLCD-S1020, 1090, 1350, 1450 four fully automatic water-based dry-type laminating machine products to the Chinese market. Its operation process is fully automated, which greatly reduces the contact time between human and machine, and the use of glue is non-toxic, Harmless and environmentally friendly, these new products have been used by leading domestic enterprises with modern awareness, such as Haier Fengcai, HK, etc., as soon as they are launched. It can be said that "Xiaohe only showed sharp corners, and there have been dragons standing on top of it".

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