How to Make Better Use of New Technology of Anilox Rolls

(How to Make Anilox Roll Improvements Work for you) With the development of science and technology, the anilox roll processing technology is also continuously improving, and the accuracy and quality of the anilox roll have been greatly improved, and thus to a certain extent. Promote the quality of flexographic prints. However, at the same time, we must not neglect or forget some of the details in our daily work. These details have an impact on the flexographic printing process and printed matter. It is a very critical and very important factor. We cannot wait to see it, otherwise, even if Roller re-precision, advanced technology, it is difficult to achieve satisfactory results. People are constantly looking for ways to improve their strengths and competitive strength through various means. Printer manufacturers and accessory manufacturers are also constantly looking for and exploring the development of high technology. There is no doubt that these new processes and new technologies will certainly bring us tremendous advantages. However, the premise is that we must pay attention to some of the subtleties in our daily work. Otherwise, we may not be able to experience these high-tech products at all. Advantages to come. When will we need to carefully adjust the following? Let's discuss some of the situations when the system out of control needs to be “conscientiously adjusted”. This is also a basic knowledge that we should keep in mind in our daily work. 1. If a squeegee is not used but a rubber ink fountain roller is used to transfer ink to the anilox roller, the rubber ink roller cannot accurately control the amount of ink transferred to the anilox roller. 2. The pH and viscosity of the ink are the two major factors affecting the flow properties of the ink. If the control is not performed or the control is improper, the color of the printed matter will be deviated (ie, "color deviation"). 3. We know that the transmission of the flexographic printing press is accomplished through the meshing of gears. If the teeth on the gears of the machine wear badly or have been damaged, there is a certain gap between the gears, and the meshing effect is relatively poor. It is easy to cause inconsistency in the amount of ink transferred. 4. If the bearing of the printing press is worn and filled with oil and dust, it will cause inconsistencies in the printing force of the printing plate. 5, too frequently unloaded version, installed version, the printing plate is repeatedly stretched after it will occur difficult to restore the deformation, resulting in graphic distortion or even distortion. 6. If the number of screen lines of two anilox rollers is the same, but the parameters such as the amount of ink transferred are not the same, then the effect of the printed matter obtained after printing them is also different. For example, two 800-line/inch anilox rollers, one of which has an engraved angle of 60 degrees and an ink-passing volume of 2.0 BCM for one anilox roller, and an engraved angle of 30 degrees and an ink-passing volume for another anilox roller. For 1.2 BCM, the effect after printing is different. 7. The anilox roller that has been worn out or part of the ink hole is blocked, compared with the clean, well-maintained anilox roller, even if the performance indicators of both are the same (including the number of lines, BCM value and engraving angle, etc.), Their amount of ink transfer is also different. The above problems must be paid attention to, only after achieving this, after controlling the ink transmission system, can fully reflect the hybrid screening method (combination of ordinary screening and random screening) or the ultra-high number of anilox rolls. Has the advantages. In addition, it is worth pointing out that while improving the quality of printed matter, it must also ensure that the production cost is reduced and the production cycle is shortened. Otherwise, customers will still insist on adopting the previous process and refuse to accept the new technology. The number of screen lines of the anilox roller is continuously increasing. The frequency modulation screening method (random screening method) and the hybrid screening method have gradually been accepted and adopted by people, and their applications are more common. However, the traditional screening method still occupies a considerable proportion in the market, and it can be said that it is still the mainstream of the market. Although it is too early to infer the future development of the FM screening method, it turns out that those printers who actively and fully adopt new technologies can always be in a dominant position in market competition. Anilox manufacturers seem to be striving to sprint to the high screen number of high screen lines (even high screen lines) anilox roller field. Prints with more than 150 lines/inch of screens have become more and more common. Some even exceed 200 lines/inch, and the corresponding minimum number of screen lines for anilox rollers has reached 800 lines/inch or more. . Moreover, if you want to get higher quality prints, you need to use 1000 lines / inch, 1100 lines / inch or even 1200 lines / inch anilox roller. In the engraving technique of the anilox roll, these are all referred to as "ultra-high mesh count" anilox rolls. In the past 20 years, the maximum number of screen lines that laser engraving systems and control technologies have been able to use has been 800 lines per inch. It is only in recent years that with the development of science and technology, laser engraving and control technology has broken 800 lines. Inch obstacles. The advantages of this new type of anilox roller engraving technology are obvious. The anilox roller carved out of it can have a higher number of screen lines; the unique structure of the network wall enables it to better support the dots in the highlight area and reduce the highlights. The "dip" of the area dot (refers to the small dot of the high light area on the plate is smaller than the area of ​​the ink hole of the anilox roller; therefore, some small dots will make the dot immersed in the ink hole only on the surface of the dot because there is no support of the wall. Inked, the side walls of the outlets were also inked, and eventually the outlets formed in the printed matter were not the size of the outlets themselves, but the size of the outlets. "And the obvious expansion of outlets." Although anilox roller manufacturers have been able to process anilox rollers with up to 2000 lines/inch screens, in reality, there are few buyers of anilox rollers with more than 1500 line/inch screens. These ultra-high-net-number anilox rollers have extremely small ink opening openings and extremely thin net walls. Although they can achieve excellent printing effects, due to their extremely thin mesh wall structure, the commonly used mechanical cleaning methods are used. Ultrasonic cleaning methods and baking soda jet cleaning methods may damage the anilox roll. Moreover, the customer's requirements are generally not so high, so most customers do not need to use such an anilox roller. Although anilox rollers of 1500 lines/inch or more are rarely received, from the current processing orders of anilox rollers, anilox rollers with a number of lines between 900 lines/inch and 1200 lines/inch are currently becoming ones. Trends and trends. Although the anilox roller is mainly used for high-grade prints, it is not limited to wide flexo printing, but also narrow or medium format printing. If you think that it is necessary to use an anilox roller of 800 threads/inch or more, it is very important to control the working status of the ink delivery system and its components. The unavoidable fact: Fish and bear's paws are difficult to achieve for many years. The engraving of the anilox roller has always been based on CO2 laser engraving technology, which has already formed the industry standard. However, the emergence and application of YAG laser engraving technology has opened a new page for us. YAG laser is very suitable for fine pattern engraving. Because the laser beam is much finer than the CO2 laser beam, and the resulting focal points are smaller and more accurate. In addition, YAG laser engraving technology is high in energy and speed, and the carved ink holes are cleaner and cleaner without burrs, and the net wall is thinner. As a result, the engraved 1200 lines/inch anilox roller is larger than the ink line volume of the 700 line/inch anilox roller previously engraved with CO2 laser engraving technology. Under the premise of not changing the color intensity, in order to print finer dots, the high-line number anilox roller engraved with this YAG laser engraving technique can be said to be an ideal choice, and the effect is good. However, can we think that the higher the number of anilox roller screens, the better? But in fact, it's not. The number of anilox roller screens and the service life of anilox rollers are two performance indicators that are difficult to balance and take into account. If the number of anilox roller screens is too high, it will inevitably affect its service life. As we mentioned earlier, there is an inescapable fact that it is difficult for both fish and bear's paw to have both. why? Because no matter what kind of engraving technology is used, the thickness of the net wall will always decrease with the increase of the number of screen lines. It is assumed that the thickness of the 400 line/inch anilox roller is the thickness of the 800 line/inch anilox roller wall thickness. Times, then, 400 lines / inch anilox roller will have a slightly longer life, and applies to all current cleaning methods. To make the quality of flexo printing products reach the quality of offset printing products, in addition to controlling the consistency of the process parameters, it is necessary to formulate corresponding process standards. The standardization of the printing process includes the following contents: the number of screen lines of the anilox roller, the amount of ink transferred by the anilox roller, the engraving angle of the ink hole, and the like. Once the process control method is developed, the next step is to improve the predictability and repeatability of the process. This requires that the anilox roller and other components of the printing press must be properly maintained and maintained in daily work. This is very important. As long as you do these basic daily tasks, and effectively control the printing process, you will find that the quality and predictability of printed materials will be significantly improved. If you now intend to increase your competitive power by one more level, please purchase these high-line anilox rollers, which will surely help you realize your dreams and aspirations.

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