Make up paper with waste milk box

A company in South Korea used a waste milk box to make a make-up paper. For every 30 waste milk cartons, 5 rolls of toilet paper (about 70 meters long) can be made.
In the past, 90% of the waste newsprint in the family could be reused. After 10 kilograms of waste newsprint, after removing the ink, 9 kilograms of new newsprint can be re-used. 90% of its weight can also be used in the cardboard of the waste cardboard box. There are also waste books and used notebooks. Apart from the bound part, about 85% can be used. However, not all paper in the family can be used. Such as waste milk cartons, made of general plastic or synthetic resin and kapok, fiber and other raw materials, can hardly be reused. Now, this Korean company uses new technology to make waste milk cartons into cosmetic paper, which not only avoids the environmental pollution of the milk cartons, but also opens up new uses for waste milk cartons.

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