Children's handmade frogs that can swim

Children's handmade frogs that can swim
Handmade materials: paper, pins, scissors, magnets, tape

Fold the paper in half, cut the frog according to the pattern, then stick the pin (the position of the tongue), fold it according to the dotted line, and paste it.

With the magnet, the little frog can swim in the water.
Children's handmade frogs that can swim
Frog pattern:
Children's handmade frogs that can swim

When style meets convenience. The Folding Umbrella is also called a Packable Umbrella , a Compact Umbrella or a Travel Umbrella . They are easy to carry, being small enough to fit in your backpack or purse. However, they are large enough to shield you from downpour rain, or to protect you from the sun's UV rays. They are also strong enough to stand a gust of wind! It is your everyday umbrella. Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer or small business owner, our high quality Folding Umbrella is a great item to enhance your product range and improve your business.

The Folding Umbrella is a great item for E-commence and online sellers. Using say, Amazon private label, eBay or your own online store. Plus, and this is a big plus, because this product is light and compact, you save on transportation costs. With rising freight prices this is an important consideration these days.

3 Folding Umbrella for Men


Auto Open And Close Folding Umbrella with dobby fabric


2 Folding Umbrella


Material and Quality:

Our Folding Umbrella uses specialized waterproof and water-repelling coated fabric from Japan and Taiwan. We have many styles, colors and a large fabric range from which to choose.

To make the Folding Umbrella as compact and as strong as it is, we have used innovative "space age" materials in its manufacture. The frame is made using carbon fiber, aluminium, fiberglass or steel.

Folding Umbrella Frame Collection

The handle is always the first thing to be noticed with an umbrella. We have made a wide range of handle designs available, using wood, bamboo, leather, plastic and alloy.

Wooden handle with emboss pattern


One Handle Mold - Different Finish And Colors To Match With Umbrella

Folding Umbrella Handle With Different Finish

Various Colors And Shapes Caps To Match With Umbrella

folding umbrella caps

OEM and Order Quantity:

We have been operating as one of the leading high end umbrella manufacturers in the world for over 30 years. We are well known for our OEM work, along with producing many designer brands.

We can provide customization for your designs and logo. What a great way to present your company to the world! A prestige product with your own company logo – give your company the class and style it deserves.

Flexible in order volume - orders can be in LCL or full container - MOQ can be discussed accordingly.

Umbrella Manufacturing Process:

Hyades Folding Umbrella Production

Folding Umbrella Type:

Our comprehensive folding umbrella lines include - 2 Folding Umbrella - 3 Folding Umbrella , 5 Folding Umbrella , plus Auto Open and Close Folding Umbrella  They come in many sizes and weights and of course they all are of exceptional quality and appearance. Our reputation has been built on quality, design and service – all at a competitive price.


Each folding umbrella is packed in a clear poly bag. 10pcs per inner carton. 4 or 5 inner cartons per Standard export carton.

folding umbrella packaging

Folding Umbrella OEM Order Procedure:

Oem Umbrella Order Procedure 1

About Us:

Hyades Umbrella Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese company specializing in manufacturing various upscale umbrellas. Our company's mission is to achieve the highest standard of quality in the field and to go above and beyond our client's expectations.

Our products range from a Straight Umbrella , folding umbrella, Auto Open And Close Umbrella , through to Golf Umbrella . Kids Umbrella through to adults – Mens Umbrella and Women's Umbrella   sizes and styles.




Folding Umbrella

Folding Umbrella,Packable Umbrella,Compact Umbrella,Lightweight Folding Umbrella

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