Different childhood toys of different ages

â–  Mr. Chen was born in 1958 and was 56 years old.
When we were young, the family was very poor. I am a young and old at home. It seems that I have never worn new clothes. I am wearing my brothers. In June, I was wearing a cotton trousers to play outside. At that time, I had a good relationship with a few good brothers. I often took them to the Liuyuan River to take a shower. I remember that the neighbors had money. There was always a sugar jar in the cabinet of the house, which contained miscellaneous sugar. At that time, I wanted to be able to eat a piece of miscellaneous sugar! When I was young, I didn’t have the money to buy toys. I did it with a few buddies, and I played with a slingshot and a hoop. Although we didn't have toys when we were young, I felt that I was very happy at that time. Unlike the current children, it is too tired to learn this.
â–  Mr. Wang was born in 1965, 49 years old.
I like winter most when I was young. In the winter, I went to the ice rink with my friends to smoke hail and skate. The ice car was made by my father. Grab the grasshoppers and grasshoppers in the summer. Our game at that time, unlike the current cost of buying and spending money. At that time, I made my own toys, or I didn’t have to do it at all. Just picking up the branches on the ground is the toy.
â– Ms. Zhao was born in 1978 and was 36 years old.
When I was a child, I liked to jump off my rubber band, and my mother or sister turned the rope and pocketed it. After school, several little girls played "woven flower baskets". I remember there was a set of tricks: "editing, editing, knitting baskets, children in the flower baskets..." Our girls are still willing to play at home. When I was living in a bungalow at that time, it was raining and leaking. I liked to use the big and small basins to pick up the rain.
â– Ms. Liu was born in 1983 and is 31 years old.
When I was a child, my family's condition was better, so there were more toys. I remember when I was in kindergarten, my family had dolls and plastic track trains. When I was in elementary school, I had a separate room with dozens of plush toys on the window sill. When I was in the third grade of elementary school, my exam was well tested. My mother rewarded me with a game machine worth 500 yuan. At that time, it was the best game machine, I can't remember the brand, but it is more expensive than the "Little Overlord". At that time, I liked to play "Super Mario", "Adventure Island" and "Contra". Now think about it, the game at that time is still very classic.
â–  Mr. Huang was born in 1992 and is 22 years old.
I like to play video games such as PSP and NDSL. Today, adults and children are playing these games, nothing strange. Speaking of toys, too many, car models , large and small game consoles, electric, manual, iron, plastic, have! As long as you have money, you can buy it.
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