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● The world's leading manufacturer of shooting equipment, providing the world's leading shooting equipment
● The world's leading manufacturer of multi-rotor UAV systems, the world's exclusive development and production of integrated multi-rotor UAV systems
● National High-tech Enterprise, Guangdong Famous Trademark, Shenzhen Famous Brand

AEE Shenzhen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a world-leading manufacturer of shooting equipment, the world's leading manufacturer of multi-rotor UAV systems, providing professional leading shooting equipment and unmanned aircraft for the world. The company was founded by Mr. Zhang Xianzhi’s investment in 1999 with a registered capital of RMB 200 million. The company adheres to building first-class electronic technology companies, creating world-class brands and honoring the nation as a nation. It integrates the advantages of professional leading wireless audio and video transmission technology, image processing technology, and intelligent control technology, and focuses on the development of breakthrough innovative electronics. Science and technology products are electronic technology enterprises that integrate professional R&D, manufacturing and sales.

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