Considerations for designing natural gas pipelines

Natural gas users who meet the gas supply conditions in Ningbo are mainly industrial users, power plant users, and urban gas users, including Baoxin Stainless Steel Plant, Jianlong Iron and Steel Plant, Zhenhai Refinery, Zhenhai Power Plant, Daan Chemical Plant, Modern Building Material Factory, Ningbo Chengguang Urban pipeline network, Yuyao gas power plant, etc.

The pipeline design has the characteristics of shorter total length of the pipeline, more distribution users, relatively scattered gas supply points, higher gas supply pressure of the users and different levels, and large uneven gas consumption. According to the above situation, the engineering design needs to be optimized in several aspects.

Determine a reasonable line direction: According to the characteristics of this natural gas pipeline construction, there are many direct supply users, and it is necessary to build branch transmission lines for each user. The rationality of the pipeline direction is directly related to the setting of the gas transmission station and the investment in pipeline construction and the cost of pipeline operation, which affects the overall economic benefits of pipeline construction and needs to be paid attention to.

In addition to avoiding mountain areas, water networks and poor engineering geological sections that are difficult to construct, the pipeline direction should avoid crossing active fault zones and high-intensity earthquake areas, avoid or reduce the crossing of gullies, and avoid landscapes and nature reserves. 1. Water source area, protect the ecological environment, ensure the safe operation of the pipeline, facilitate the construction, reduce the amount of line engineering and other general line selection requirements, but also comprehensively consider the specific conditions of the pipeline construction site and the distribution of gas supply users.

Due to the short overall length of the proposed pipeline and the large number of gas supply users, the natural gas required by the users is supplied directly to the users by pipelines. The pipelines need to be built with branch lines for the transmission of gas to each user. Therefore, When determining the line direction of the main line and branch line, the pipeline should comprehensively consider the user's gas supply requirements and station setting requirements.

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