Sign concept: multi-spectral color measurement solution for packaging and printing

With the improvement of people's living standards, consumers are increasingly demanding product packaging. Single-sheet quality inspection machines have been used in large quantities instead of manual labor, mainly for final inspection quality control. However, quality inspection equipment can only prevent waste and defective products from flowing to customers, but waste of raw materials, ink, paper, etc. in the process, bulk purchase of quality inspection equipment, and personnel cost consumption are still inevitable. If in the production process, the quality inspection equipment can quickly and quickly discover the quality problems of the printed products and prompt alarms in real time, it will avoid the generation of large amounts of continuous waste products, reduce waste, greatly improve the production efficiency of the printing enterprise, and improve the quality of printed products One-step quality inspection equipment can be transformed from a "post-recovery" inspection equipment to a "pre-prevention" process equipment, which will provide printing companies with real value for saving money and making money. Among them, color chromatic aberration is an important indicator for the quality control of packaging printing. How to better control the color chromatic aberration of packaging printing products has always been a very troublesome problem faced by packaging and printing enterprises. The on-line multispectral color measurement solution can help customers solve the color difference problem.

Color measurement technology

Traditional color measurement technology:

A. Visual color measurement method: that is, the color difference is found through human eye comparison, and the adaptability and stability are poor.

B. Density detection method: Density measurement actually measures the amount of reflected light and the amount of incident light, and is a factor for evaluating the brightness of each color on the printed surface, regardless of color tone. It intuitively reflects the density, dot percentage, and ink overprint rate of CMYK four-color printing, and is widely used in the control of offset color and ink layer thickness.

C. Spectrophotometer: The spectrophotometer method is mainly to measure the spectral power distribution reflected by the object, or the spectral photometric characteristics of the object itself, and then calculate the object under various standard light sources and standard illuminants from these spectral measurement data through calculation Tristimulus value. Is an accurate color measurement method.

The traditional method is a point measuring device, which can only measure one color and one area at a time, and cannot adapt to the color measurement of laser packaging products.

Sign color measurement technology:

The three elements of color formation: standard light source (standard sunlight, DIE light source defined by CIE, D50 standard illuminant); object to be observed; and standard observer (CIE human eye color observation model, 12-channel multispectral camera + color Calibration model). Therefore, to measure the color is to measure the power distribution of the reverse and transmission spectra of the object to be observed.

If the three elements are known, the color measurement standard of the International Lighting Organization (International Standard for Color Measurement: ISO13655. The geometric positions of the light source and the camera are as follows: the camera (observer) and the vertical direction 0 °, the light source (illumination) and the horizontal direction 45 °.) Under the agreement, the color of the object to be measured can be accurately measured.

Based on this, the map proposes online color measurement and real-time monitoring solutions for gravure printing (cigarette pack printing enterprises (common packaging + laser packaging)) and offset printing (medicine pack, color box printing enterprises (common packaging)).

Online color measurement and real-time monitoring solution

A. Offset printing online color measurement (FS-Color-Offset) solution:

The vast majority of offset paper is coated paper, gold and silver cardboard, and the system is equipped with a standard color measurement light source CoronaII + 12-channel multi-spectral color measurement camera. Comparing 1300 Pantone color cards, the results show that the average accuracy of the standard color measurement system is ~ 1dE76, and the repeatability is 0.04dE76.

B. gravure printing online color measurement (FS-Color-Gravure) solution:

The gravure printing enterprises are mainly for cigarette pack printing, and the laser paper packaging in the cigarette pack occupies half of the share. In response to this map, Chongqing Hongjin Printing has jointly developed a color measurement system for laser packaging, which can solve the laser Packaging color deviation has always been troubled by the human eye's visual judgment. The average accuracy of color measurement is ~ 1.5dE76, which can establish laser packaging color measurement standards for printing companies. The product is expected to be vigorously promoted in gravure printing enterprises.

Value points of online multispectral color measurement solutions

A. It can be installed on gravure printing, offset printing, or flexo printing machine to realize real-time full-format color measurement, color monitoring, and real-time alarm in the printing production process.

B. For white card products, the color measurement technology is mature, the measurement is accurate, and the global measurement accuracy is ~ 1dE. For laser products, it can help printing companies establish color measurement standards and avoid visual standards confusion and inconsistency.

C, can realize the real-time color measurement function of the full format. Traditional spectrophotometers are hand-held, which can only achieve local single-point color sampling measurement on the printed surface; traditional color control strips can only monitor the color change on the top of the product, and can not truly eliminate the problem of color difference between the various areas of the full format.

D. Modeling is convenient and fast, and can be modeled online or offline to quickly switch products.

E. Easy-to-use functions such as automatic measurement area extraction and automatic positioning point extraction can be realized.

F. Reduce the color adjustment time during trial production and version change of new products, and improve equipment production efficiency.

G. Reduce the intensity of manual spot checks of the machine to avoid product quality risks caused by shutdown, slowdown production, and tension adjustment.

H. Reduce the manpower, material resources and cost consumption of final quality inspection and quality control, improve the work efficiency of employees and increase the profits of printing enterprises.

I. Increase the control points of the printing quality process, make the printing enterprise quality management system more complete, ensure product quality; accelerate the construction of closed-loop control of customer production quality system.

J. Identify the color difference in the production process in time, avoid a lot of waste and defective products, and avoid the waste of raw materials. Help Indian companies improve their company image and expand their brand advantages.

At present, the color measurement technology based on multi-spectrum is rapidly growing and developing in different processes in the printing industry, and it will surely become the star technology in the next stage. It will be recognized and favored by more users and gradually replace the traditional spectrophotometer. Become a new color measurement standard.

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