The four cloakrooms are designed for the bedroom cloakroom.

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The design of the cloakroom is large or small, or luxurious or simple. Some women give up the cloakroom because of trouble. Some choose a simple wardrobe because the space is too small. The following small series introduces you to 4 cloakrooms. I believe that you who love beauty will always fall in love with one.

Double bed in the cloakroom

Cloakroom design

In order to improve space utilization, this small space was designed with this double bed that can be pushed freely. Through the sliding rails on the floor, the double bed can move freely without any effort. When sleeping, the double bed can be pulled into the outer space. In normal times, the double bed can be placed in the cloakroom, which ensures the cleanliness and space saving of the overall environment.

Cloakroom in the large bedroom

Wardrobe design

If the space is relatively large, you can use a complete wall to create a locker. Compared with the stand-alone cloakroom, it is characterized by a small footprint and minimal engineering, which can be used for a small amount of money. effect.

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