What do people eat quickly after fitness?


Many people often have muscle bloating, joint pain, and mental fatigue after strenuous exercise. In order to relieve fatigue as soon as possible, buy some chicken, fish, meat, eggs, etc. to eat a meal, thinking that this can supplement nutrition and meet the needs of the body. In fact, eating these foods at this time is not only bad for relieving fatigue, but has adverse effects on the body.

Human food can be divided into acidic foods and alkaline foods. Acidic foods are usually rich in protein, fat and sugar. They contain more acid-forming elements and are metabolized in the body to form acidic substances, which can lower the pH of blood and body . Vegetables, fruits, etc. contain K , Na , Ca , Mg, etc. Elements, which are metabolized in the body to produce alkaline substances, can prevent blood from changing in acidity. Therefore, acidic fruits are alkaline foods rather than acidic foods. Chicken, fish, meat, eggs, sugar, etc. are not sour but acidic foods.

A long-term study by a British pathologist pointed out that only body fluids are weakly alkaline in order to maintain human health. People feel muscle, joint soreness and mental fatigue after exercise. The main reason is that the body's sugar, fat and protein are decomposed in large quantities. During the decomposition process, acidic substances such as lactic acid and phosphoric acid are produced. These acidic substances stimulate human tissues and organs. Makes people feel muscle, joints, and mental fatigue. At this time, if you simply eat meat, eggs, fish, etc. rich in acidic substances, the body fluid will be more acidic, which is not conducive to the release of fatigue. Eating fruits such as vegetables, sweet potatoes, citrus, and apples can eliminate excess acid in the body, reduce the acidity of urine, increase the solubility of uric acid, and reduce the possibility of acid formation in the bladder.

Therefore, after fitness exercise, people should eat more alkaline foods, such as fruits, vegetables, soy products, etc., in order to maintain the basic balance of pH in the body, maintain human health, and eliminate fatigue caused by exercise as soon as possible.

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