Guyan Reagent-Chongqing City's new lithium battery high-efficiency energy-saving preparation technology research breakthrough

Chongqing has made breakthroughs in the research of new lithium-ion battery high-efficiency and energy-saving preparation technology The high-efficiency and energy-saving preparation technology of cathode materials has greatly promoted the development of new materials, energy-saving and environmental protection industries in Chongqing. Lithium ion battery is a new generation of green high-energy battery with excellent performance, which has been widely used in 3C products, new energy vehicles and other fields. The cathode material occupies a core position in the lithium battery, its cost accounts for more than 40% of the battery, and directly affects various performance indicators of the lithium battery. Due to the complex preparation process and high energy consumption of lithium battery cathode materials, scientists and technicians have innovated the wet solid phase coordination technology by improving the cathode material precursor mixing process, which reduces the synthesis temperature on the basis of ensuring uniform mixing. At 200 ℃, the firing time is shortened by 2h, the stability is high, the material synthesis efficiency is improved by 25%, and the battery cost is greatly reduced. The carbon-coated lithium vanadium phosphate cathode material prepared by this technology has a reversible discharge capacity of about 150 mAh / g after a 1000-week charge-discharge cycle test at a rate of 0.5C in an electrochemical window of 3.2-4.8V. Reversible capacity retention rate reached 86.7%. At present, the internationally renowned journal Electrochimica Acta has made a special report and has obtained a national invention patent. The technology has now formed a demonstration line of cathode materials with an annual output of 150 kg, which will bring the dawn of technological innovation and energy saving and consumption reduction for the city's electronics, electric vehicle and other production enterprises. After entering the industrialization, based on the annual cost savings of 1 million yuan for each enterprise, the social and economic benefits will reach hundreds of millions of yuan in the next few years.

Enlio's Interlocking Tile flat series, with dimensions 25*25*1.22cm is designed for all weather conditions, and is widely used in indoor/outdoor courts, like roller skating, indoor futsal etc.

Enlio's flat tile was choosen as te official flooring for AFC Futsal Club Championship China - Finals.


First of all, I take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to your good office for providing Futsal Floors and supporting the AFC Futsal Club Championship 2014 - Finals from 25 to 30 August 2014 in Chengdu City, China PR.

This success is no doubt a showcase of the dedication, hard work and relentless efforts of the ENLIO Sports Goods Co., LTD for providing the Futsal Floors for the above competition.

I hope that this success with the AFC Futsal Club Championship China - Finals will spur ENLIO Sports Goods Co., LTD to support other events and in turn ensure the deveopment of Futsal Flooring in your company is taken to new and greater heights.

Finally, we wish you a good luck for the future events.

Thank you

Yours sincerely


Deputy General Manager

Futsal Court

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